The Institute of Applied Sciences in Public Administration

The Institute of Applied Sciences in Public Administration (“IfV”) is an autonomous body within the University of Applied Sciences of Public Administration in the State of North-Rhine Westphalia, Germany. It is a registered and financially independent limited liability company according to German Law. With 18 million inhabitants North Rhine Westphalia is the biggest regional State within the Federal State of Germany. The University educates the middle management staff of all state organs including the police and the local government. The students in North Rhine Westphalia are educated with a 3 years obligatory program ending with a state examination and a diploma comparable to a bachelors degree in public administration. The education and the curricula are organised by a local government faculty, a state faculty, a police faculty and a social administration faculty within the University. Furthermore the University conducts a 3 years voluntary bachelor program regarding business administration in the public sector . Key institutional figures of the University:

  • Students: 6700
  • Police: 45% of the students
  • Professors and Lecturers: 180
  • Free lance staff: 280
  • Budget:17.000.000 EURO per year

We are in a position to fully refer to the knowledge base of our University with the following relevant abilities:

  • Ability to draft curricula for the education and training of Public Sector staff
  • Ability to educate and train Public Sector staff
  • Ability to train the trainers for Public Sector Education and Training Programs staff
  • Ability to organize study tours and twinning arrangements to sister institutions of the benefiting government
  • Ability to initiate and moderate a process of organization development in the partner institutions
  • Ability to develop a full scale Human Resources System

We have been involved in the following projects in the Western Balkan during the last 3 years funded by the European Commission:

  • Border Police Training Project Montenegro together with Pro Management/AHT Group
  • Police Training Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • MbO-Training for the Management of the Ministry of Interior and the Police Presidents of the Bulgarian Police together with Italtrend SA.
  • Second Phase Police Training Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Police Reform Kosovo together with ICON-Institute, Italtrend SA and DMI.

In Germany we are involved in the following fields:

  • Continuous training program in all relevant fields of Public Sector Reform
  • Continuous Training Program related to New Legislation of the Public Sector
  • Workshops and Symposiums on actual trends in Public Sector Reform
  • Institutional Development Projects together with state administrations, counties and with municipalities
  • Research Projects related to New Public Management, Management by Objectives, Electronic Government and Knowledge Management
  • The IfV has taken over the regional responsibility for a distance learning Master Program in Public Administration offered by the University of Kassel all over Germany

Some of IfV core members have an outstanding record of international experience in programs and projects of institutional development from the last ten years. We are actually occupying 9 staff members in our German office and a varying number of staff members in international projects. We work together with around 70 free lancers. Our financial turnover has been on a yearly basis around 1,1 Million € in recent years.

Contact:           Prof. Dr. Karl-Heinz Hasenritter

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